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Newsletter - May 2017

News from the Chair

Dear PACT Members

We've got a number of things to let you know about in this newsletter including AGM info, a word from the Vice Chairperson, some exclusive content from some BCST thought leaders and a look into what's happening behind the scenes at PACT HQ.  

We'd like to let you all know too that after much feedback from the PACT membership, and knowing that committee members contribute many, many hours to keeping PACT going, the Executive Committee have voted to remunerate the Office Bearing members to the amount of $1000 per year. This certainly does not come close to covering the hours put in by these committee members but aims to acknowledge the invaluable effort that keeps our association afloat.

Our decision to make the Registrar’s role a paid position twelve months ago has proven to be invaluable. Danielle Rowarth has managed to get on top of membership issues and processing of new members and renewals is running smoothly.  We have had some wonderful people unpaid in this role in the past and we are forever grateful for their contribution to this time consuming and important role. As our membership grows and so too the workload, we have come to see that it is essential to have somebody who can dedicate their time to the role in this way so we can maintain our efficiency as a professional body.
Please let us know if you have any questions.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our new professional members:
Laura Young (CAN), Naomi Cassrels (NZ), Myrna Martin (CAN), Darlene Marie Musser (CAN), Ana Thomson (NZ), Eveline Jasper (NZ), Erin Dunlop (NZ), Jill Stewart (CAN), Johanna Andreasen (AU), Fiona Ross (NZ), Daniela Transchel (CAN), Megan McGibbon (NZ), Lindsay Fox (NZ),  Susan Smeeton (AU), Lucille Rayner (CAN), Renee Simpson (NZ), Manuela Homer (CAN) and Lisa Edwards (AU).

And our new student members:
Neshat Mehrnoosh (CAN), Victoria Camplin-Welch (NZ), Stephanie Bissiere (SINGAPORE), Derryn Keep (AU), Marilyn Watson (CAN), Felicia Schwartz (AU), Lysanne de Graaf (AU), Andrea Finta (MALAYSIA), Verena Nistler (AU), Amanda Jane Dickie (AU), Gillian Kumar Das (MALAYSIA), Joanna Klar (NZ), Winawati Husman (INDONESIA), Anna Craig (AU), Hana Campbell (NZ), Samantha Wolfe (AU), Gaylene Jakicevich (NZ), Christa Beate Thoma (NZ), Mary Barlow (AU), and
Monique Henry (AU).

Michelle Driscoll - PACT Chairperson

Upcoming courses and info on the Breath of Life conference 


Below is a copy of an email recently sent by Stillness Trainings advising of an upcoming course in New South Wales.  

We are also sending you information about the Breath of Life Conference to be held in London this coming May.  Please contact the organisers directly if you would like more information.

We also have some information about Steve Haines', (Co-Founder of Body Intelligence) Post Grad workshops in Australia and New Zealand 

Best wishes


agm banner 2016

Hi PACT members, Here are the details for the upcoming AGM

Date:    Saturday 27th May 2017

Time:   10.00am  Potency Lab
           4.00pm    PACT 2017 AGM
           6.30pm    Dinner (included in cost for those attending Lab and AGM)

Linen Room - Abbotsford Convent - 1 St Heliers St, Abbotsford, Melbourne

Skype:  If you wish to join by Skype, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the Secretary

Cost:     AU$25

All current members are more than welcome and are encouraged to attend.  

Please contact Hinu Komene, PACT Secretary, via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions.

This workshop and dinner is limited to the first 20 applicants.  To secure your place workshop fees must be paid in full. Registrations close 19th May, 2016.

Current financial members, please click on the paypal button below

If your membership has expired please login to the website and renew your membership before registering for the AGM and workshop.

Please note that members can also gather in the following NZ locations where there will be therapist swap sessions and a group Skype to join the meeting:

Papakura:        Lyn Mackay    027 206 2166
Northland:       Alice Grant    0210 248 0569
Hawkes Bay:    Nadine Vollmerg    0211 401 331

Please call the relevant contact for address details.

The Body Keeps The Score


Mind, Brain and Body in the Transformation of Trauma

By Bessel Van Der Kolk  (Penguin Books Ltd, Paperback, 446pages)

“Our bodies are the texts that carry the memories and therefore remembering is no less than reincarnation” (Katie Cannon, p. 184).

The connection between trauma and the physical body is of great interest to me, and when I saw this book, I bought it without thinking twice. My heart sank when I realised that the reference list is about 50 pages long and I prepared myself for some dense academic reading. However, I was hooked right from page one. Although the book is full of facts, which are backed up by research, it is very accessible and hard to put down. Personal experiences and many case studies make this book so fascinating and readable.

The author, Bessel Van Der Kolk, is a psychiatrist and founder of a trauma centre in Boston. He has been working with victims of abuse, neglect, natural disasters, wars, accidents, human trafficking and assaults for over 30 years. We follow the journey of this remarkable man who tirelessly examines what works and for whom. His work centres on the question: “How can people gain control over residues of past trauma and return to being masters of their own ship?” (p. 3).



Your PACT Committee

Michelle Driscoll
Vice Chairperson

Hinu Komene
Alice Grant
Registrar (Acting)
Danielle Rowarth
Web Admin
Tim Munro 
Post-Grad Coordinator
Joanna Pittwood
Newsletter Editor
Danielle Rowarth
Committee Members
Deborah Williams
Nadine Vollmerg
Alison Andrews
Rikta Hawkins
Pooja Sreenivasa

Post Grad Learning Opportunities
Our member schools, Body Intelligence Training and Stillness Trainings, have a number of post graduate study opportunities coming up in 2016-17.
For courses with 
Body Intelligence please see the website for more details
Biodynamics of Blood
Australia 25-28 August 2016 
Spine, Nervous System and Pain
Sweden 26-28 August 2016 
India 29 September-2 October 2016 
Trauma, Embodiment & the Holistic Shift
Canada 15-18 September 2016
The Brain in Depth
UK 6-9 October 2016 
Spine, Nervous System and Pain
USA 27-30 October 2016 
Biodynamics of Blood 
France 24-27 November 2016 
Biodynamics of Blood
Israel 27-30 April 2017
The Brain in Depth
Canada 25-28 May 2017
Pain is Really Strange
Australia 9-12 June 2017
What is Emotion?  Working with the Heart, Belly and Throat 
New Zealand 15-18 June 2017
The Brain in Depth
India 6-9 July 2017

Stillness Trainings
Presence and Being  
August 6- 7 or 15-16 October Australia
For more information about Stillness Trainings please email Stillness Trainings (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


News from the Chair

A warm welcome to our new members:
Todd Stewart (NZ), Anne Rainbow (AU), Kate Evans(NZ), Carley Morgan(AU), Sandra Repnow(CA), Sandra Dwyer(CA), Rehano Rao (IN), Struti Pralhad Managol (IN), Pooja Agarwal (IN), Ankita Dhelia (IN), Mark Sephton (AU), Silvana Scungio (NZ), Sarah Rickerby (AU), Vincent Appel (IN).
And our new student members:
Susan Smeeton(AU), and Johanna Andreason (AU)
Our PACT AGM was held at the Soul Centre in Auckland in May and proved to be a great weekend.
Angela Wheeler and Rielle Friedrich taught a two day workshop on the vagus nerve called ‘Lost Vagus’ which was very informative and interesting. Ang and Rielle  are wonderful teachers, very professional and clear in their approach. It was great to have so many members participating, and always so good to get together with fellow Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapists.
The AGM was held on the Saturday night and it was good to have so many members present, in person and by Skype.
We said goodbye to Stacey O’Toole who has worked tirelessly over the past few years as our Registrar and will be greatly missed.

Deborah Williams who has been our dedicated Secretary for some years has also stepped down from her role but happily she will remain on the committee and continue to contribute to PACT.

We are thrilled to have four new members join our team. Hinu Komene has taken over the role of Secretary, and Rikta Hawkins, Pooja Sreenivasa and Ali Andrews have all committed their time and energy to working with us here at PACT.

Thank you to those members who are continuing on in their roles, namely Alice Grant, Tim Munro, Nadine Vollmerg and Joanna Pittwood, and to Danielle Rowarth who has recently rejoined the committee in a paid capacity as acting Registrar and marketing manager.

An acknowledgment also to Lynne McKay, Tanya Pawlick and Sangeetha Bhandari  who do a wonderful job of sending out member’s packs and brochures in their respective countries.
This will be my fifth and final year as Chairperson.
We have received quite a bit of feedback about our current website and the problems people are having with it. Rest assured we are focusing our efforts on getting the website up to a much higher standard so that it runs smoothly and efficiently and is aesthetically pleasing.
PACT’s mission has always been to promote its members and this incredible work that we all do and we will be injecting as much time, energy and funds as possible towards that this year. 

Best wishes, Michelle Driscoll (PACT Chairperson)